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CENIA - Czech Environmental Information Agency is an agency of the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Rep. CENIA’s mission is the collection, evaluation, interpretation and distribution of environmental information. All available sources of information, electronic versions of publications, including links and ways to use the resources and services that CENIA offers are available at: http://www.cenia.cz.


CENIA also manages the Integrated System of Reporting Obligations – ISPOP, more information available at: http://www.ispop.cz.  This system ensures compliance with mandatory reporting legislation which aims to protect the environment whilst providing cross-sectional data for gaining essential environmental information.


The main data output system for CENIA is the Information System of Environmental Statistics and Reporting – ISSaR, find more info. at: http://issar.cenia.cz.  This system contains well-arranged sets of all kinds of statistical data and indicators of the environment.

CENIA’s Map Services Department administers the Public Administration Portal, (find more info. at: http://geoportal.gov.cz), which represents the practical application of environmental data.

CENIA works with all providers of data sources within the environmental sector and with a number of scientific institutions and university departments. In the Czech Republic CENIA is the main focal point for the European Environment Agency (EEA) and is involved in the European Environmental Information and Observation Network - EIONET.

Several project teams are working together with CENIA on international and national based projects, further information about them can be found here.